Context & Process

Basal was a type 1 diabetes management app that allowed diabetics with insulin pumps to track their meals in an effort to better manage their blood sugar numbers. The app allowed the user to “check in” to the place they were eating, record their meal, and then later sync their insulin pump data to the app, effectively combining all this data for them into a graph so the user could get a picture of how successful they were at medicating themselves in relation to what they ate. It also allowed them to favorite successful entries so they could return to them to repeat their successful behavior, and to share problematic entries with their doctor.

Brandon Arbiter approached me with the idea for Basal and I worked to create the foundation for the UX - which included research, wireframes, and flows - along with the logo mark, the branding system, and the UI design system. As of October 2013, Brandon and Basal had joined Tidepool, an organization devoted to creating open source software for managing diabetes - development on a full-fledged Basal app is in progress through them.


Led the UX architecture, UX and UI design, user research, and branding.